INPEO – socially oriented non-profit organization

Activities begun in September 2019 г.

Ethics is the basis of peaceful and friendly relations, therefore violation of ethical standards is always acutely felt by us. We experience discomfort when talking with friends or at a specialist appointment, with their unethical behavior. Ethics is extremely important in every human interaction, therefore the goal of INPEO is to ensure the formation, popularization and observance of civil and professional ethics in the World, the norms of which are often forgotten, overwritten, become a formality or are not respected at all.

Large international companies have long been implementing corporate ethics standards designed with their own individual goals and characteristics in mind. The standards that are not always implemented have the expected effect and response among employees, but this is an important step towards building harmonious internal and external relations of corporations.

The International Non-profit ethics organization unites citizens and professionals in various fields of activity, for whom ethics issues are the basis of relations between people who are ready to observe and popularize standards of civil and professional ethics.

Organization Mission:
  • The formation of ethical consciousness of the individual and society as a whole;
  • Use the potential of ethics as a science in the formation of modern society;
  • Systematization, formulation, establishment, popularization and protection of ethical standards;
  • Formation of a consolidated position on ethical issues;
  • Harmonization of relations, combining an ethical world society in one structure;
  • To defend universal values and norms of morality and morality, formed for thousands of years.
Objectives of the Organization:
  • Research and development in the field of ethics;
  • Cooperation in the field of ethics with individuals and legal entities by public organizations;
  • Settlement of disputes and conflicts in the field of ethics;
  • Strengthening cooperation, solidarity and mutual assistance of persons in the field of ethics;
  • Protection of civil and professional ethical standards of MEPA members, protection of interests in state structures;
  • Formation of a consolidated position on ethics, development and approval of professional ethical codes;
  • Promotion of civil and professional ethics;
  • Supporting the conditions of stability and well-being necessary for peaceful and friendly relations between people based on respect for ethical principles.
The importance of Ethics is difficult to overestimate, in the modern World, we are increasingly seeing a violation of ethical relations between people, and at the highest level of society. It is also unpleasant to realize that violation of ethical standards is often allowed by the media, which form the worldview and have an educational role, laying “crooked norms” in the person’s subconscious, which is especially threatening for the younger generation. No wonder the media are recognized as one of the forms of power. And if we do not form ethical standards in society, then what will we all come to in 20-30 years? To date, no one is engaged in the education of youth and the formation of ethical standards, the maximum is formally taught at school. The goal of the MOOSE is to contribute to the development of a civilized world community, preserving and enhancing ethical education at all levels of social interaction.