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The main value of INPEO is the involvement and initiative of its members. Each person who has joined the organization has a direct impact on ethical standards in the World, which is so important at present.

Together we are stronger! Everyone can change the World by starting themselves.

Individuals who have reached the age of 18, and legal entities – public associations that share the goals of the Organization, recognize the Charter of the Organization, promote the activities of the Organization can join the Organization.


The activities of INPEO are possible thanks to comprehensive charitable support: informational, active, financial.

Members who donated more than 3,000 rubles ($40) per year,

  • are awarded with a unique personal certificate made with the highest degree of protection (level “A”: bearer securities);
  • get the opportunity to place a personal page in two languages in the database of INPEO specialists for three years.

All those who have provided substantial active and informational support, INPEO encourages individually.

Social responsibility of members

INPEO encourages its members to exercise social responsibility, including:

  • To inform and involve the public in INPEO activities;
  • Share INPEO news and articles on social networks;
  • Involve the public in voting in INPEO projects;
  • Know and adhere to ethical standards morality and morality;
  • Comply with the relevant code of professional ethics;
  • If possible, provide financial assistance to INPEO;
  • To participate in the life of the INPEO, to offer their ideas, to submit to the consideration of reliable facts on the violation of ethics;
  • If possible, to participate in the organization of the collection of signatures to promote the projects of the INPEO in the state bodies;
  • To participate in the development of ethical codes, including by offering your vision of their provisions;
  • To offer activities aimed at achieving the goals of the Organization, openly shares their opinions and ideas.

The procedure for becoming a member


Select the Department appropriate for your profession. The list of departments is below on this page. Clicking on the selected Department will open an online application.

Please note that some departments have the option to fill out an application for a specific profession. Each application form is complete, if you have filled out an application for a particular profession, then you do not need to fill out a General application.


All application fields are mandatory. After filling in all the fields, click on the “Send” button.

If all fields are filled in correctly, you will be redirected to the membership fee payment page.

Confirmation of acceptance of the application will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the application.

Pay the 30USD membership fee.


The INPEO Board reports on the decision regarding the application within 20 business days by e-mail.

All members of INPEO receive a personalized electronic certificate of the member.

Select a Department to apply online:​