Department of ethical protection

​Ethical protection is an ethical assistance service to members of the MOOSE. Increasingly, we see how people willingly or unwittingly violate the generally accepted norms of interaction with each other, hurt and offend human dignity. And observe non-compliance with ethics can be in various areas:

  • At work, in communication of heads with subordinates and other colleagues among themselves;
  • In the service sector specialists provide services allowing gross violations of the professional code of ethics;
  • In everyday life, when interacting with loved ones, relatives or neighbors;
  • In virtual space, social networks, etc.

Ethical standards go by the wayside, there is no appropriate education in society. And everyone should ask themselves the question, what will happen to society if society loses all ideas about ethics?

The Board of the INPEO decided to create a Department of ethical protection, whose task is to assist the members of the INPEO in protecting their ethical interests, through consultations, publicizing gross violations of ethics.

The Department of ethical protection is a collegial body of INPEO formed by the Board of the Organization and acting in accordance with the regulations of the Department of ethical protection, approved by the Board of the Organization 10.09.2019.

Powers of the Department of ethical protection​

The Department of ethical protection considers appeals of members of the MOOSE needing explanations of questions of ethics and is authorized:

  • Apply to public authorities, individuals, managers and employees of organizations in order to clarify the information at the request of the Member.
  • Provide a lawyer-to represent the interests of a member of the MOOSE at the hearing. To protect honor and dignity;
  • Publish on the MOOSE website information about the fact of ethics violation and letters sent to the person who violated ethical norms;
  • To take measures to attract public attention to the fact of violation of ethical norms in society.
Report ethics violation
How to apply for Ethical protection?

Contact the Department of ethical protection as follows:

  • Through the application form on this page
  • Via e-mail to the address [email protected]
  • Via post address of the INPEO Board

The appeal must contain:

  • ame and passport details of the applicant
  • Personal phone number
  • Contact information to forward the solution
  • The essence of the appeal (text, audio, video, documents).

Anonymous appeals will not be accepted.