Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission is the collegial body of the INPEO, formed by the Board of the Organization, to carry out an objective balanced ethical review of a socially significant event, the essence of the complaint against a member of the INPEO, received by the Organization or other question posed to it.

The work of the Ethics Commission is regulated by the Regulation on the Ethics Commission, approved by the INPEO Board 09.09.2019.

What issues does the Ethics Commission consider?

The powers of the Ethics Commission include:

  • Consideration of appeals of persons with respect to members of the INPEO who, according to the applicant, have committed ethical violations.
  • Consideration of requests from INPEO members for a comprehensive ethical review of an event or person’s actions.
  • Consideration of other issues raised by the Board of the Organization.

The Ethics Commission does not give a legal assessment of the events and actions or inaction of persons.

What are the powers of the Ethics Commission?
Ethics Commission authorized:
  • Make a moral judgment and recommend behavior correction.
  • Suspend membership in INPEO until the situation is clarified and a decision is made if the situation was related to a violation of the INPEO professional code of ethics.
  • To conclude on non-compliance with the requirements for members of the INPEO.
  • Suspend membership in INPEO, revoke the certificate and recommend to the Board of the Organization to consider the exclusion of a member from INPEO.
  • To recommend to the INPEO Board the blacklisting, which is formed of violators of the professional code of ethics.
In what order are the appeals considered?

The Board of the Organization checks the appeal for compliance with the requirements and forms an Ethics Commission of 5 or more Members with higher education and experience in areas related to the essence of the issue.

Within 30 days, the Ethics Commission through in-person and absentee meetings prepares a comprehensive report. During the consideration of the appeal, the Ethics Commission has the right to request explanations from persons directly or indirectly associated with the appeal, to apply to specialists of various profiles, who are and are not members of the INPEO.

How do I file a complaint for the Ethics Commission against an INPEO member?
You can contact the Board of the Organization in order to form an Ethics Commission on a complaint against a Member of the INEPO as follows:
  • Through the contact form on this page
  • Via e-mail to [email protected]
  • Through the mailing address of the INPEO Board
The appeal must contain:
  • Name and passport data of the applicant
  • Personal telephone number
  • Contact information for the direction of the decision
  • The essence of the appeal (text, audio, video, documents).
Anonymous appeals are not accepted.
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