Department of social Ethics

Although the importance of ethics is high, there was no code of social ethics. By interviewing citizens of different countries of the World and collecting their opinions on what provisions should be in the code of social ethics, members of INPEO have developed and approved The Code of Social Ethics.

Code of Social Ethics



I am aware that my body, emotions, knowledge and beliefs are directly closely interconnected components of me.


God help those who help themselves.

Bats in the belfry. 


I look after my health and charge, I take reasonable and sufficient measures to recover and preserve them.

A healthy mind in a healthy body.


I strive to manage and monitor my emotional state, analyze its causes and effects continuously improving it.

Diligence is the mother of success.


I strive to learn about the world, consciously choose and follow moral and ideological guidelines.

Knowledge does not take up much space.


I strive to be aware of the relationship and exclusively personal responsibility for my health, actions, emotions, intentions, aspirations, ideology, environment and the situation in which I find myself.

Look after your clothes when they re spick and span and after your honor when you re a young man.


I respect myself and value my life.

Who values life, he lives and does not tremble.


I strive to make my life and myself better; I work on myself to settle internal conflicts.

Food satisfies hunger, knowledge cures ignorance.


I am obliged to take all reasonable personal hygiene measures sufficient to ensure that the comfort of others around me is not compromised.

You will live well, if you will live without a hitch.


I follow the instructions and rules of conduct during a pandemic; to the best of my ability, I create a favorable epidemiological situation in society, take all the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the diseases I have.

Living in harmony with the people is not getting into trouble.


If it is possible, I have to provide reasonable assistance to the person who needs it.

Don’t be evil, you will not go in eternal fear.


I recognize my own life and the lives of others as inviolable.

Life and trust are only lost once.


If another person attacks me, I take reasonable measures to protect myself only to the extent necessary to preserve myself.

As you sow, so shall you reap.


I take reasonable and legal measures, if necessary, to prevent another person from cruel or degrading treatment causing physical pain or mental suffering to others.

What goes around comes around.


I have the right to complete free will as long as it does not conflict with the free will of another person.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


In case of a conflict with another person, I am obliged:

1. to take all reasonable steps to find a compromise;

2. to respect the personality and will of the opponent; behave with dignity, polite and benevolent;

3. to avoid behavior that escalates the conflict, and, if necessary, urge the opponent to do so.

Sweep your own porch clean first.


I refrain from obscene language, swearing and jargon, unacceptable for the majority of representatives of this society and in the presence of persons under legal age.

A word spoken is past recalling.


When I am in public places, I take reasonable measures to create a favorable socio-psychological climate.

There is no life without goodness, the light comes with goodness.


I take all reasonable measures to be able to observe the culture of speech, competently, intelligibly and accurately convey thoughts, adhere to accepted speech norms.

Life is short because of a loose tongue.


I am obliged to obtain the consent of another person for the processing (creation, storage, modification, transfer, publication) of information related to him in any form (oral, text, graphic, sound) prior to its commencement.

Loose lips sink big ships.


I refrain from communicating and spreading knowingly false statement.

The deaf man heard the dumb man tell that the blind man saw how the lame man ran quickly and quickly.


I realize that I treat other people as I treat myself and myself as I treat others.

Let every man praise the bridge he goes over.


I respect the people with whom I interact, regardless of their nationality, race, religion, gender and other socially significant characteristics.

Friends may meet, but mountains never greet.


I refrain from showing a sense of my own superiority over other people. Any interaction I have with another person should be reasonably friendly or neutral.

Only one will destroy oneself who does not love others at all.


I strive to unite with like-minded people to achieve creative goals.

A life without a purpose is an empty life.

Individual – State


In any of my activities, I strictly comply with the requirements of the law of the relevant jurisdiction.

Take care of the homeland, as the mother of a beloved.


As a road user, I am courteous to other road users.

Politeness opens all doors.


I carefully and respectfully treat the symbols of other countries (flag, coat of arms and anthem of the country) and those of which I am a citizen.

East or West, home is best.


I respect and do not allow the desecration of memorials and monuments, sites of commemoration. I respect the memory and feelings of other people, regardless of whether I am in another country or in my own country.

You will live well, if you build life smoothly.


I ethically express my opinion about civil servants and public figures.

For the Motherland and for honor, you can even blow someone’s head off.

Citizen – World Wide Web


Eliminate abusive language. Polite communication is the norm. When addressing a stranger, start your dialogue with a greeting. Follow the rules of ethical communication when writing.

Where there is friendship and advice, there are no mistakes.


Be grateful for the time and information provided.

What friendship you will make that life you will spend.


Be polite when sending or accepting an offer of friendship.

Remember man and keep in mind, a faithful friend is hard to find.


When communicating on social networks, you should not engage in sending any materials to everyone.

God deliver me from fools.


When getting into a discussion with another person, criticize the arguments, not himself. Always base your opinion on the facts. Do not react to rudeness in your address, do not be rude. Respect the opinion of the author of the publication.

Treat others like you would have them treat you.


Do not tag people in photos without their knowledge.

Do not be like ear to the ground in someone else’s house, but be friendly.


Breaking up a real relationship with a partner using social media is unethical.

A broken friendship may be soldered but will never be sound.


If you repost sad stories, then check them for reliability, it is unethical to spread knowingly false statement.

Better a smart enemy than a silly friend.


Sharing personal information about third parties without their knowledge is unethical, respect the privacy rights of others.

Friendship is friendship, but do not lose order.

Citizen – Nature


Respect cleanliness regardless of where you stay. Do not leave trash in the forest, park, meadow, river, etc.

Take care of the homeland, as the mother of a beloved.


If you have a pet, keep public places clean and clean up after your pet. Your pet should not pose a danger to other people.

Do one thing, do not spoil the other.


Take good care of nature; do not spoil it for the sake of entertainment.

Every bird likes its own nest.


Do not kill more animals than you need for your living during the permitted hunting season.

The bird is small, but even that one protects its nest.


Do not make noise in forests and parks.

The forest gives water, feeds, gowns, shelters and warms.


Observe safety precautions with fire when in nature.

Wood is not friendly with fire.