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Dengova Svetlana Nikolaevna


Practitioner psychologist-psychotherapist, family consultant.

Little is impossible if you really want to change your quality of life.

My professional virtues:

  • Certified specialist with higher psychological education;
  • I use modern, effective and safe psychological techniques in working with clients;
  • Prompt and effective solution of client’s problems;
  • Experience with non-standard situations, including customers desperate to solve their request;
  • The ability to listen and hear, to delve into the client’s problem and jointly find ways to solve it;
  • Confidentiality and anonymity in work with the client is guaranteed;
  • Punctuality, politeness and respect for the client;
  • Well-developed emotional intelligence, feel the client, his situation, experiences, emotions, etc.

What makes me different from other professionals:

1. I take on difficult cases.
I work with complex psychological cases. People come to me with problems that other psychologists have refused to solve (or tried, but only made it worse, or when after drug treatment symptoms returned to their former form or intensified.)

2. Eliminating the root causes of problems.
Sometimes experts give techniques that will only help relieve pain or solve the problem for a while. But after a while the problem will return with a vengeance.
In my sessions, I help to eliminate the root causes of the problem (fears, blocks, negative beliefs).
As a result, the problem is solved once and for all. provided that changed behavior patterns.

3. Work on the result.
Working with me, you will get significant results in a few sessions

For two years I was trained in International Institute of Social Ecology as a psychoecologist, which allows me to solve complex client requests.

Providing real help in difficult life circumstances, I specialize in individual work with people with different psycho-emotional States:

  • asthenia, neurosis, depression, VSD;
  • fear of death, other fears, aggression, guilt, resentment, anxiety, panic attacks, emptiness “inside”, suicidal thoughts;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • psychological assistance to cancer patients;
  • psychosomatics
  • help people who have suffered severe stressful situations;
  • assistance in the psychological rehabilitation of combatants, police officers, special services, etc.;
  • problems in a relationship, stop a divorce.
  • isolation, phobias, fear of communication and interaction with other people, self-doubt, loss of a loved one, jealousy
  • sexual problems, impotence, anorgasmia;

P.S. This list is not exhaustive, so if You do not see your problem in it, do not worry prematurely. You can contact me and together we will find a solution to Your question.

Who I don’t work with:

  • I do not work with heavy chemical dependencies;
  • do not work with third party change requests;
  • do not work with children under 7 years.

I work in directions:

Personality-centered therapy, Perinatal psychology, Positive psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic therapy, Transpersonal psychotherapy, Emotional-image therapy, Psychoecology

City: Stavropol

Birthday: April 14

E-mail: 777@yspex777.ru

Skype: Svetlana yspex777.ru

Phone (WhatsApp): +79187401777

Read more on my website https://yspex777.ru, http://dengova.ru

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