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Site development

23 may 2018 – registration of

The logo and design of the site was developed with the joint work of the Founders and the assistance of designers Fils N. and A. Evdokimov.

The site is made thanks to the sponsorship provided by individual entrepreneur Visloguzov in the amount of 350 000 rubles.

Translation of texts into English was carried out with the support of individual entrepreneur Smirnova, Chelyabinsk, school of Foreign Languages “PM Studio” 

Development of questionnaires for interviewing candidates for INPEO members of the professional ethics departments

14 questionnaires have been developed for the relevant INPEO departments of professional ethics, used for registration on the website of the Organization.

Responsible: M. Kopylova V.

Development of the members directory on the MOOSE website with advanced search by parameters

Selection and integration of software produced by Visloguzov D. A.


Preparation of articles: “the Ethical aspect of the Internet space” and ” when ethics disappear in society…”.

The author-copywriter Victoria Rubizhne from St. Petersburg

Placement of constituent documents on the website of the organization

On September 9, 2019, a General meeting of members was held, at which the provisions of the INPEO were approved. Scanned copies of the documents are published on the website. Opened a current account in rubles and dollars. A contract for the services of the payment system is signed to accept membership fees.