Rudeness-STOP! Ethics – it’s cool!

Attracting the attention of the audience of social networks to the issues of violation of the norms of ethical behavior.

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In recent years, very little attention has been paid to ethical education. Information about ethical behavior and ethics in General is rarely found in the media and social networks. Rude behavior is increasingly flourishing and few people are surprised.

For the younger generation, rudeness and outright disrespect of a person for a person has become a curve norm of communication. Ignoring ethics in any sphere of society has devastating consequences for everyone and for the World community.

It is necessary to set the trend for ethics, to give constructive guidelines for interaction in society not only among the younger generation, but also to remind them in society as a whole. We propose to begin to develop the vector of society for creation, to form ethical behaviors.

INPEO invites youth idols, politicians, athletes, artists, actors, TV presenters, all well-known and respected people to provide information support, to draw the attention of their audience to the issues of violation of ethical behavior, to assist in the formation of ethical behaviors in the younger generation.


Famous people are idols of a multi-million audience of their fans, they are matched and imitated. MOE needs their help and support in implementing the project. Videos with their participation, recorded in the framework of the project ” Rudeness STOP! I’m for ethics!”and published in social networks will help to draw attention to the existing problems.

We invite opinion leaders to share their vision of the level of culture in society and their attitude to ethics, to Express support for the respect of people for people in society. So we will begin to form a creative vector of development in society. Ethics should be talked about, ethics should be introduced into fashion. If at least 5% of the population follows the rules of ethics, then by the law of five percent, important creative changes can begin in society.

Together, we can change the situation in the Ethical education of the younger generation, give the right guidelines for the development and interaction of individuals in society and in the family.

The development of civil society is impossible without the formation of moral guidelines!

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