Let's create the ETHICS symbol together!

International Non-Profit Ethics Organization announces an international competition to create a symbol of ethics.

All over the world, ethics regulate relations between people in different spheres of life. It helps us find a balance in communication and effectively interact with each other. How to portray such an important concept for all of us?

To date, there is no symbol that accurately reflects the essence of ethics. We invite you to create it together!


How to participate in the competition?

Create an ethics symbol in any format and send the picture to e-mail with a note in the subject line of the letter “FOR COMPETITION”: [email protected]. ​

How will the vote go?

Drawings are accepted until 31.12.2021.

After that we will select the most interesting sketches and put them on our website for voting. The author of the figure who wins the most votes will win.


What reward will the winner receive?

Figure of the winner will become a symbol of ethics, and its author will receive a monetary reward – 30 000 rubles!