Vote or we’ll lose everything!

INPEO proposal to familiarize and teach children in all educational institutions of the world the Code of Social ethics on Ethics Day - November 16


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“The Golden Age will include
people who will
learn to unite.
And unification also has its own law:
two auras strengthen each other 7 times,
if people are like-minded, the wave is the same,
it is directed to
the same goal.
3 people – 7 squared, that is, 49 times.
If there are 4 people– they strengthen each
other by 7 to the 3rd degree – by 343 times!
Therefore, the more people there are, the more valuable each
next one is, it multiplies the power many times.
The collective is a great force!”
K.E. Tsiolkovsky

The INPEO posted its proposal to familiarize and teach children in all educational institutions of the world the Code of social ethics on Ethics Day – November 16. Voting is held at two sites. Please vote, ignoring, will hit everyone to one degree or another.

You can get acquainted with the CSE in the Department of Social Ethics

Vote, or the consequences will be inevitable. Everyone will lose. For example: when laws are passed ignoring ethical principles, concepts are substituted. What will happen next when generations grow up without a creative direction? When they forget about the professional code of ethics, will you go to an appointment with such a specialist?

Please share the voting links on social networks, post them in messenger groups, and send them to all your friends and acquaintances. Help to hold a vote.

It depends on everyone what kind of World we will live in tomorrow!

Do this so that in 10-15 years your children and grandchildren will have a chance to educate and strive for creativity. Indifference kills your future.

Together we can change the situation in the Ethical education of the younger generation, and in society as a whole. To give the right guidelines for the development and interaction of individuals in society and in the family.

It is impossible to build a civil society without Ethics!