The Code of Social Ethics has been approved

The International non-profit ethics organization has started the development of the Code of Social Ethics (CSE) on 01.03.2020. The Code of Social Ethics is a set of general principles of social ethics and basic rules of behavior in society, the implementation of which is the key to harmonious relations.
Well-known figures of culture and science were invited to join the project of creating the CSE and become co-authors. The joint work was carried out and the CSE was created. The importance of the Code of Social Ethics is difficult to overestimate, everyone understands its significance and importance, because norms and rules are necessary for every civilized person to interact with people safely.
CSE is especially important for the younger generation. It is impossible to build a civil society without ethics! Nowadays so little attention is paid to ethics and ethical education of young people. Every person both in real life and in virtual space feels the consequences of the lack of ethical education. It depends on us what kind of society our children and grandchildren will live in.
The final CSE was adopted and approved on June 19, 2021 by the general meeting of the INPEO members.